Blogging in Holy Rosary

Poster below by Silvia Tolisano from her blog

What is your purpose for blogging?
How are you going to integrate blogging into your classroom so that it is not an 'add on'?
Read the pages below for ideas and then talk to your team about how you will use blogging.

Don't forget to click 'CTRL' and then on the link to open in a new tab. - how a teacher is using blogging as part of Daily 5 and Cafe - lessons to set up blogging with your class - ideas for integrating blogging - a rubric for skills taught through blogging, mostly literacy based

Do you feel like you are;

A) Just beginning my blog and would like support with the technical side e.g: write my first post and upload my first picture


B) Comfortable with writing posts and uploading pictures but would like to ask questions and explore more tools for use on the blog.

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