What Does It Take To Become A NICU Nurse?

By: Maddie M.

For this tackk I will be talking about what it takes to become a NICU nurse. I did all this research at wonder hour. So let's get started!

First to become a NICU nurse of course you have to go to college. The college that I plan to  go to is ISU which is located in Bloomington Normal, IL. If you want to be that kind of nurse college takes 6years, because the first degree you need is an RN degree then your bachelar's and finally your master's. So all together it takes 6years. Here is the amount of each degree.

Bachelar's and RN - 4years all together

Master's - 2years

After you get through 6years of college then you have to find a hospital to work at. I would like to work at Advocate Lutheran General. LG is the third largest noenatal intensive care unit or NICU in Illinois! It also cares for approximatley 110 low birth wieght infants a year. Another reason I would like to go there is that they are one of the few hospitals with ECMO which is a treatment for infants with heart and lung failure. They have had NICU for 40years, they've had it since 1972 when they first had it. This is the job I want to do no matter how easy it is I'm still saving lives everyday!

So That's Why I Want To Be A NICU Nurse!