Jobs Artur D.

If you like apple production and don’t know who Steve Jobs is. This is movie for you. In Movie show autobiography of his live. Jobs family did’t had a lot of money. When jobs want to college his college was in India. But college was only for USA citizens. When Jobs came back to USA he got a job. Before he get to job he has bad habits like don’t wear shoes. How is that possible? Once he came to his friend   Stephen Vozniak. He worked on computer. Jobs get interesting. Jobs said this is very cool we should find a sponsor and open a factory. They found sponsor in a few weeks. They open a factory. Everything was good. Before 1985 in 1985 Jobs left apple. He came back in 1997 because apple almost collapse. Then he return apple to number 1 in the world. Movie end with note. In 2011 apple became to most expansive company in the world.     If you want more details you can watch this movie on Netflix. I recommend this movie. My comment to this movie it’s vary interasting.

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