Studying Habits

Improving Memory

Focus On the Material

In order for your mind to convert short-term memory to long-term memory you need to give your full attention to the material. Try studying in a quiet place without distractions like a TV.

Avoid Cramming

Yes, cramming seems like it helps but that information is only short-term. If you don't study you will forget and that information will be on your final exam so cramming won't help you. Make sure to study at least 30 minutes a night.

Organize your Information

Your mind groups similar things together but if you pre-organize your information into similar clumps then it takes a lot less work for your brain to process it and remember it.

Teach new concepts to Another Individual

If you want a really effective way to study and learn the information try teaching someone else the information. If you can teach someone then you truly know what you're doing.

Change your routine

If every once in a while you change your study location or even the time of the day you study then you will remember the information better. Also don't forget to get enough sleep.