Baytown Little Theater:
2015 Youth Program

Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

The Baytown Little Theater Youth Group: 2015 TNT Conference

A note from Micki Hoevelman:

It has been a joy working with the Baytown Little Theater Youth Program. Alice in Wonderland, Jr. has been such a fun show to work on. I hope you enjoy the video scrapbook below. It is around 15 mins, and documents our time from the beginning through the home run in Baytown. I got tearful a few times just putting it all together! It was absolutely wonderful working with the best group of kids, the most devoted parents, and the incredibly talented and outstanding directors. I made friends that I am sure I will keep for many years, and I have so many memories. As a gift, Carrie and I worked to get DVDs for every kid! The DVD is in the process of being made right now! I hope I can get it done soon. It will have this scrapbook, the full show from our Baytown run, and hopefully a few more highlights! I really hope you enjoy the scrapbook below!

-Micki Hoevelman

2015 Video Scrapbook

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Thanks for the memories!!!

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