Facebook Touts 1 Billion App Links Served, Adds Support For Mobile App Ads

Facebook’s App Link program, an open-source, cross-platform standard for linking on mobile devices, has been widely adopted since the program was introduced on April 30 at the F8 Developers conference. Today Facebook announced in a blog postthat developers had enabled more than 1 billion of the links that drive users directly to apps, or specific content within apps. The links can be published from an app, a Facebook page or copy-pasted URLs and have been adopted by apps such as Spotify, Mailbox, Quip, Hulu, Redfin, Goodreads, Live Nation and Vimeo and third party SDKs such as the Xamarin SDK and the Facebook.NET SDK. “When you are on your phone and click on a Redfin link, App Links takes you to the Redfin app for a more seamless home shopping experience,” Redfin CTO Sasha Aickin said the Facebook blog post. “This is obviously great for our customers and it solves a frustrating development problem that my team — and every other mobile developer — has faced over the years.” Facebook also announced that App Links can be used within mobile app adds, at least those placed using one of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers.

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