Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Mountains is the perfect place for tourists and for businesses. For tourists, you can explore Lookout Mountain, travel through the scenery in the woods or fields, and you can also travel to the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald. Businesses can make a lot of money here. All these tourists coming to Blue Ridge would need a place to stay if they were here for a trip. You can build some homes or log cabins for them to stay in, you can do the lumber work for the houses and cabins, or you could be the business that gives them power or heating and air. When people come to Blue Ridge, They are thinking about the mountains that are easily identified by the blue haze seen in the hills and mountains. Another business opportunity is to give out tours. A bunch of people would love to get to go out and explore the wilderness of the mountains of Blue Ridge. Informational tours would help a lot too. People would ask questions like how long does the Blue Ridge Mountains go, why is there a blue haze in the mountains, and stuff about the animals and habitats there.

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