Blue School

Reimagining Education at Blue School at NYC

ABout Blue School

Founded in 2006 by the three original members of Blue Man Group and their partners, Blue School is an independent and innovative preschool and elementary school based in New York. Built around a warm, caring, and supportive setting, Blue School encourages students to develop their creativity and academic skills in an environment that fosters social-emotional learning and self-understanding.

The education program at NYC Blue School uses research from the areas of human development, neuroscience, and creativity to develop a new and innovative approach to teaching and learning. Furthermore, its inspiration for progressive education comes from the constructivist theory, the Reggio Emilia approach, and thinkers like Lev Vygotsky.

Currently, the school is open to children as young as 2 years old, as well as grade levels from kindergarten through 5th. It will have a 6th grade for the 2015-16 school year, and add a grade every year until 2017, concluding the expansion with the addition of 8th grade.

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