I just  came frome basketball practice and we had a little scrimmige it was four teams of five  and one team go against another and we have to only score  1 point and if they loose the next team face us and if we loose that team has to go against the next team and before all of this we practice we had to do lay ups, run & shoot & then we did something else that involved 2 people & foot movement.After basketball practice i went to after school program & we had to to type  what ever we hear in are head or wat we did to day  we could write about whatever we hear or do.We had to listen to this weird song are teacher was playing afterschool i am going home & im ging outside and practice more basketball cause practice dont really have to be in school practice can be outside to basketball is life "(ball is life)",IN ORDER TO BE THE BEST YOU HAVE TO DO WORK AND STEADY IN ORDER TO BECOME THE BEST.