I think that being loyal to your family is important because they were the ones who have been there for you since day one.  The day you came into this word , your family has been supporting you non stop. For example, When I was born my mother took care of me most of the time and when she went to work her sisters or my grandmother would look after me. They fed me and clothed me and raised me as their own. I can give anything in my world to my family but one thing that's hard to find is loyalty and Trust.

I think everyone should follow the law because if someone drives pass a stop sign, it could cause an accident. There are laws and rules in place for a reason. It's so the world isn't chaotic and evolution has not made us civilized, laws have. Because there's a place for everything and everything should be in its place.

If people aren't punished for breaking the law then there is no use of it. There might as well be no laws in place to protect us from ourselves. Having people punished for breaking the law is like putting a kid in time out or grounding them for misbehaving so they know better next time, but it plays out on a larger scale. The laws are there so we don't destroy ourselves. It's there to separate us from the few bad seeds so we can evolve into a better specie. People should be punished for breaking the law.

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3 years ago

Amina, you use solid examples to support your ideas. I love the picture at the top, but it actually fights against your paragraph about family.... Overall, well done!