The Aquarium Project

By: Divine Williams and Ezekiel Mueller

Angel Fish

The Pterophyllum, also known as the Angel Fish, eat flakes, frozen, or freeze-dried. The maximum size that they can grow is 6'' and enjoys swimming around a temperature of 76-86 degrees F. They are extremely graceful and are friendly to all. They are non-aggressive and can live in peace and harmony quite easily.  They have an experience level of intermediate and can swim in no smaller than 29+ gallon tanks.

We have decided to buy 3 Angel Fish and each cost  4.99$ for a total of 14.97$.

The overall price is 14.79$.


Fantail Goldfish

The ryukin ,or the Fantain Goldfish, enjoys a diet of pellets and flakes. The maximum size they can grow is 6'', and loves to swim of a temperature of 64-75 degrees F. They are fun to look at, and friendly to be with. They are also non-aggressive and has an experience level of beginner. They are ok with swimming in 29+ gallon tanks.

We have decided to buy 2 Fantails and each cost 3.39. Overall for a total of 6.78$.

The overall price is 21.57$.


Fancy Goldfish

The Oranda, or the Fancy Goldfish,  eats a diet of flakes and pellets. The maximum size that the may grow is 6'', and enjoys swimming at a temperature of 64-75 degrees F. Cute, friendly, and non-aggressive is all you can spot with these cuties. They have an experience level of beginner. They are fine with swimming in a tank of 29+ gallons.

We have decided to buy 1 Fancy Goldfish for a price of 32.99$.

The amount of fish that we have accumulated is six all together.

The overall price for the fishes is 54.56$.


Fish Tank

We have established a  medium tank that is 36'' L 15'' W and 20'' H . It may hold up to 46.875 gallons of water. The price of our fishtank shall be 225$, and the plants which includes a Rock cave, driftwood, Peacock fern, Blue Medium, Mondo grass, and two Corkscrew plants.

The price of the fish tank is 225$.

The price of the decorations is 108.80$.

The overall price is 388.06$.


Water Needs

We have decided to buy the EHEIM Ecco Filter item no. 1003, with cost 70$, and also can run up to 145 gallons per hour.

We are also buying the TruTemp Heater for 36$, which can heat up the tank at the needed degree of 72 degrees F.

Also the Aqueon Florescent Deluxe Fishtank Hood is in order, for 50$

For the gravel, we shall get only one bag of Pebble Beach which cost 5.50$.

The overall price of our tank is 593.56$.

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