This bacteria is found in soil, water, and some animals including poultry and cattle.

This is a listeria breakout found in cantaloupe from a farm in Colorado, the only reason it grows in fruits and vegetables in because it is in nature, it is has been found in vegetables, farmer's fields and animals.

Listeria is found in many different foods like, Sprouts, soft cheese, Raw milk, Del meats and hot dogs, and it is also found in Smoked seafood. If you get listeria it takes about 3-70 days before you realized you have it. There are many symptoms for listeria and they are fever, stiff neck, confusion, weakness, and vomiting.

This is a picture of a bacteria called listeria, listeria can make you very sick and for some people it can be very deadly. Just about 1,700 people become seriously ill in the United States and among these, 270 of them will die.

This video tells you what listeria is and where it can be found.

This video is explaining that the listeria outbreak from cantaloupe is getting around to plenty of the states, and it has already infected 17 people in 18 states and it will rise.

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