Paris scientist say that leprosy most likely originated in East Africa. It's easy to get infected by non-human primates such as armadillos. It starts off very slow and is not very contagious. In fact 95% of people are immune to the disease.

   Human to human transmissions are usually through water droplets.You can get the disease from non-human primates. The germ might come in through the nose or broken skin. It's unclear what the transmission of leprosy but it may be through the respiratory.

   East Africa is the eastern part of the African continent. It's includes lots of countries and territories. Madagascar can be either east Africa or Southern Africa. It has countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

   An outbreak could cause permanent damage to skin. It could cause damage to the nerves, limbs, and eyes. If everyone began to get infected it could be pretty hard to cure. Everyone would be angry because they couldn't get treatment because someone else needed it first.

   The economy could be affected because they may have to start closing stores and all down. They could close airports and shipyards so there wouldn't be income there. They could have to close schools and that could hurt people's education. They could have to close stores so that people would lose their jobs.      

   It could hurt their culture because they may start acting different and more angry or sad. Some people may lose hope. Some people may begin to give up on their governments ability to handle emergencies. People may start getting angry and fussing.