A Day In The Life

By: Zubair Moseley

      During our one day snow break I had some free time to hang out with friends I didn't see in a while, like one of my good friends Jose who I haven't seen since I attended my old school. We begin to walk around a bit until we found Marcus who goes to my school but is also an old friend of mine he was playing football in the snow right in front of our old school. Jose and I walked over shook hands with Marcus and his eight other cousins and told them we had next about, ten minutes later the game was finally over and Jose and I begun to play. When we were finished picking teams I was aware that I had to stick Marcus who is about 300 lbs. and was a lot bigger then me I told them that I had no problem sticking him even though this guy could sit on me with no struggle. As the game went on I continued to not have a problem sticking this whale of a person it was really a bit easier because he was so slow.

       As the game went on everyone begun to tire out my team was announced the winners but, winning didn't matter at that point because my hands were freezing and so was my face my light skin little nose glowed red as though I was one of the rain deers in those Christmas story's. I decided that I would go home and maybe come out a bit later. When I walked in I waited about ten minutes for my hands to get back to their natural feel, after siting in pain from the cold and a couple football scars I got up and decided to make a warm cup of hot chocolate after the cup I sat down on the couch and then found myself watching TV. After about two episodes Jose came back to my house asking me to come outside once again and I gave in I ran to to the coat rack and grab my expensive Express jacket. We walked around again and stopped at the local Papi Store for something to eat I had the chicken finger hoagie and was too busy watching my food get cooked to see what Jose had ordered; I left the store to find a place to eat, we went to Jose's house to eat our newly found lunch we stayed there for about 30 minutes before I told him I think we should leave mostly because it was a bit boring in his house.

After leave Jose's house I pulled out my phone to see what time it was, it was 5 pm. and it was shameful I had to tell him my pop wants me in by 7 pm. because more then likely I had school the next day. We had only an hour to finish this snow day with a bang so we went to the park to see if anyone was there but there was no hope the park was completely empty; I turned and walked back to the store believe or not that chicken finger hoagie didn't do the job of filling me up so I grabbed me and Jose some chips when we walked out the store we realized this day has ended and we were both freezing so I shook his hand and walked to my house. At this point I begun to relax I kicked my feet back and watched an episode of South Park on Hulu, I think I dosed off and went to sleep but I can't be too certain but what was certain is that the day was over I got my Crossroads lay together and waited for dinner. At this point my snow day was over and all was well.