Apple is my favorite brand for phone, computer, and tablet. The format and great performance they bring makes them much better then any other brands in my eyes. They have been being a bit dumb lately, the iPhone 6 is pretty much a slightly larger iPhone 5 but way spendier I think that's ridiculous, as long as they actually try to SERIOUSLY upgrade there technology instead of adding one feature and calling it a new phone then I'm with Apple.






xbox 360 is my choice of gaming console, I like the controllers, games, and the graphics, and format more than any other console. What Xbox has been doing is making it harder and harder to have a real fun experience, they're making it spendier and more complicated to simply enjoy a game without ads and needing to buy extras.

-popular logos are all neat, easy to read, and usually decorative. They're memorable by the eye catching design they usually have in my opinion. If I were to make my own logo It'd be something cool haha idk what but it'd be cool B)

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2 years ago