Local Professional Development NEW at William Jessup University!

Administrators, teachers, and staff...looking for some new ideas? How about ways to increase the 21st century learning of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in your students?  William Jessup University School of Education and EdTech are presenting workshops just for you!

#rhonnadesigns #teachingis #TEPLN Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Collaborating with Google Docs ~ Need to increase collaboration in your class? Google Docs has wonderful tools for collaboration including real-time editing, chat, history, and research.                                                                                           Thursday, March 27  4pm-5pm

Increase Creativity ~ Tackk is a simple (and free!) content creation tool that you will love! This can be used for assignments, blogging, or even newsletters!                              Tuesday, April 14  4pm-5pm

Using Menus to Offer Student Choice! ~ Tap into various learning styles by offering student choice. We will explore various menu options. The web creation tool "S'More" will be showcased.  If you have a favorite menu or choice activity, please be prepared to share with us!                                                                                                         Tuesday, May 19  4pm-5pm