Linchon Pirce

Born October 23, 1973
Iowa,USA. Today he is forty years old.

Peirce attended Colby Collage in Main.

He created a weekly Comice called "Third Floor" for the school news paper.

While he was in collage he created his first "Big Nate book".

Linchon Pirce broke the world record for the longest comic chain ever.

The huge white line that you see is the paper that the comic chain was on.

In 1991 he started publishing parts of "big Nate "books in the Sunday newspaper.

This is an example of one of his comics that he had published in the news paper.

In 2010 he wrote" Big Nate I Smell A Pop Quiz "and "Big Nate Strikes Agian".

In 2012 he wrote "Big Nate Goes For Broke "and "Big Nate Makes  The 6th Grade".

Those are just some of his book  . He has wrote ,three more books in the last two years.

Today Licholn Pirce is wrighting his 9th "Big Nate Book". The book will be called "Big Nate in a class by himself".

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