K-12 mLearning Options

Mobile learning options for Elementary School tudents

StoryKit App is a great App!- Students can create detailed books about their lives, what they imagine, or change the ending of a classic story. This app allows students to take old classic books like the 3 Little Pigs and edit the pages. Students can even tell the story from a different point-of-view. Your story is always saved in your iPhone, the students can carry it around and work on it any time. The stories can be uploaded to the StoryKit web server and emailed within the app. No account is necessary and the stories are private.

Draw and animate cartoons on your iPad with FlipBoom Lite from Toon Boom Animation! This fun and intuitive drawing application for your students which makes it easy to doodle and create simple cartoon animations. FlipBoom Lite is ideal for learning how to sketch and animate your drawings to create cartoons.

IAnimation I App-This App is great to support students through the story writing process and get them engaged and excited about school. This app instruct students to take a series of pictures for a story they will be creating. Students can use this app to animate these stories, then string these together for a digital story.

The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that provides free video tutorials and interactive exercises. This is a great app for students because the lessons were conceived for self-education but are also great for use in the classroom. The tutorials are informal and build knowledge one concept or lesson at a time. Many lessons are delivered by someone enthusiastic about the topic.

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