Two Hearts by National Poet Laureate Nominee Ronnie C. Wright

One morning an older poet told a young poet about a fight that goes on inside every human being. He said, "My friend, the fight is between two hearts inside us all. “It is a timeless conflict between two hearts.

One is lust - 'lifestyle uniquely smothering truth' with arrogance, anger, envy, ego, guilt, greed, lies, inferiority, and sorrow.”  

  • The older poet continues - “The other is love - 'lifestyle offering value everyday' – with love, truth, light, peace, joy, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, compassion, benevolence, generosity, and faith. And my friend - it rages in you too!
  • My wiser older friend - "Which heart survives?" The older poet smiled and replied, "The one you set free."
  • Ronnie C. Wright National Poet Laureate Nominee in Beverly Hills