The Crisis (Bougainville Conflict)

The Crisis (otherwise known as the Bougainville Conflict or the Bougainville civil war) was a civil war that took place in Papua New Guinea.  This civil war started in 1988 and persisted until 1998.  This was a battle fought for 10 years all over the independence of the people.  This finally resulted in a peace agreement and the freedom of many, but why were the people of Papua New Guinea in the first place?


Needless to say, Papua New Guinea is a very poor country and is still a developing country at that.  This means that the country doesn't have a stable economy and most people are weak, frail, and poor.  It's very easy to take advantage of these people, considering the conditions, and is what just happened.  People were tired of the monarch and how the people were being treated, so many rebelled around the 80s.  This finally brought forth a rebellion that ended 10 years later.


This actually says a lot about how screwed up the world can be.  This whole conflict (and many more) are prime examples as to why freedom is so precious and not many have the privilege of living freely.  Some people just want to take freedom away completely and have everyone do one thing and worship one thing only.  With the Bougainville Conflict, you can see that some will fight for what they believe in and fight for the good of the future.  Many people of the country have died since this 10 year war and many regret fighting it in the first place.  That doesn't change the fact that the people of Paupa New Guinea have made finally made peace.


There actually isn't actually a whole lot of stuff to say about this conflict.  The only thing that needs to be said is the fact that many people died for the good of others and this war lasted for 10 years.  Many people died and they will be missed, but their deaths contributed to the good of others for the future.  Papua New Guinea will probably remain a poor country for a good while, but even with that said the people there are free and at peace.  Only time will tell what lies ahead in the future.


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