The McCool Sisters
By Issy Phillippi

Courtney and Morgan McCool had very busy lives full of gymnastics. The girls, even though they were sisters and lived in the same house, did not get to see each other very much. Except, sometimes when they passed each other at the gym. It got even worse when Morgan quit gymnastics to do competitive dance. The girls trained at Gage Gymnastic under Al and Akmine Fong, the head couches. When Morgan quit gymnastics she was a level 5 and had just won state in the All Around. When she quit she then went to dance at Priscilla and Danas School of dance. Courtney continued to train gymnastics to pursue her dreams of going to the Olympics. This training helped make a life long love for these sports.

When Courtney was in the Olympics it was very hard on her family. She did not get to see her friends and family very much at all. Courtney still trained at Gage but like 5x the hours. Morgan still was training at Priscilla and Danna but she was going to many different places around the U.S.A like all the way to Los Angeles she got a full ride for dance to Edge PAC , she was one of the 20 people who got in. It was so hard with Courtney in the Olympics that her dad Mike had a heart attack and got saved by peripatetics twice. But he did not tell Courtney so it wouldn't interfere with her gymnastic. When Courtney went to Olympics qualifiers she almost fell on the beam, and stepped out of bonces twice on floor but she still got to go to Athens and sit with all the girls and cheer them on. Morgan and the rest of her family got to watch in the crowd with everyone else. The family of Courtney still now rember how hard it was having a sibling in the Olympics.

Courtney and Morgan's life now are still very busy and full of gymnastic and dance. Morgan now teaches dance at Priscilla and Danna's School of Dance, and Courtney couches part time at CGA Gymnastic. Morgan is now 22 and lives in Independence Missouri. Courtney is now 25 and lives in Texas. The girls still love there sports very much.

This Article is dedicated to the McCool sisters My Role Models!!!!!