Morgan Wooten

I wrote my Senior paper on Pediatric Oncology. My product was to interview an Oncologist, and job shadow for an afternoon, and see behind the scenes things about a Cancer Center and how they help and treat these patients.

I had the great opportunity to job shadow with Frankie Clark at Eastern North Carolina Medical Center, Frankie is an oncology nurse and has been in oncology for over 15 years. She says its not really a job to her anymore its more of a passion she keeps following. While I was job shadowing I saw behind the scenes things like seeing patient receive chemo, and the process they go through on a weekly basis. I also saw the effects radiation to a certain limb can cause to a patient. To me the coolest thing was the "bubble" or the filter chamber which the nurses or doctors stand in when they are mixing chemo so the fumes do not get into there respiratory system. This was a wonderful experience and I am so happy with the decision I made to learn more about Oncology and what people go through on a daily basis.

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