Unit 1-4 Questions

Unit 1

  • When did the Renaissance begin and end ? 1300-1600
  • What happened during the Renaissance ? The spread of new ideas throughout Europe.
  • What was the reason for exploration ? Money, Power, Fame
  • What did the Age of Enlightenment bring ? New ideas and reasoning
  • What did The Scientific Revolution challenge ? Religion

Unit 2

  • What does revolution mean ? A sudden or extreme or complete change.
  • What did the industrial revolution bring ? New inventions to help the economy.
  • What is Imperialism ? Extending a countries power by military force or diplomacy.
  • What did imperialism do to Africa ? Caused oppression and loss of natural resources.
  • What was Apartheid ? Separation of black and white Africans in South Africa during the 40's - late 90's

Unit 3

  • How long was WW1 ? 1914-1918
  • What caused it ? Franz Ferdinand assassination