Eight Useful Road Safety Items

Road accidents claim the lives of many motorists and innocent bystanders every year. In Singapore, despite the modern equipments and strict policies, a significant number of casualties are still reported. Along with this, the economic burden attributed to road accidents alters the financial stability of the affected families. To address this, the Singaporean government emphasizes the need for public and private road activities to make use of various road safety products singapore. Eight of the most useful road safety items are discussed in this article.

Cones. Road cones are applied as division of central lanes and also as marker of parking zones, men at work zones, and as temporary barricades to hotels or railways stations. The base of cones is heavy weight in order to ensure that the cones won’t be easily moved by wind or rain. The bright color of the cones makes them useful in traffic monitoring at all weather conditions.

Warning signs. If properly positioned in strategic areas, safety signages with pictograms are useful road safety items because these items can directly communicate the message to the public. Safety signages can reveal the desired speed limit in an area, potential danger in the highway and contact numbers that can be called once accidents do happen.

Electronic safety devices. These include safety light bars, flash lights and reflector lenses. The electronic nature of these equipments makes them suitable for sudden power loss on the road. In particular, safety light bars help enforcers control traffic at night. Flash lights are important for air traffic control and in directing traffic while reflector lenses warn motorists and pedestrians of road construction and sharp curves.

Delineators. This product is used to denote dangerous road curves and central verges. These maybe positioned on one or both sides of the road to guide motorists of the safe route that they should take.

Reflectors. These items are fixed on the base plate of vehicles through ultrasonic welding. Usability of these items is appreciated by motorists during bad light conditions because it helps them detect the presence of vehicles in the road.

Barricades. These are plastic materials that are used to alert drivers of street hazards. Lane separation is another application of barricades. These items also permit attachment of signages and flashers.

Spring posts. Up-to-date versions of these safety devices permit reboundability once vehicles hit them. Visibility of spring posts is also enhanced by recent technologies. Areas that use spring posts are traffic islands, sharp curves and parking lots.

Speed bumps. Usually made of rubber, these items aid drivers in controlling and reducing the speed of vehicles. Speed reduction is important in security checkpoints, parking areas and private establishments like universities, hospitals and religious areas.

The items discussed in this article can be used by companies and government agencies in observing road safety. By doing so, the probability of road-related casualties is also reduced.