Kellybrook Techyy Update

By Katie and Kara


We created a Kellybrook Google Community where we are able to interact and share the innovating things happening in classrooms. We also share Meeting Agenda's and schedules with one another.

Each Team planned and implemented a Blended or Flipped lesson or Unit with help from the Technology Team and Administration. Lessons were shared though Google Community.

Each Team has set up a Symbaloo for students to use for quick access to frequently used websites. Some utilized Symbaloo for topic studies and research with their classes as part of informational writing units.

We held a Cougar Cafe focused on Technology with three options for seminars: Google Basics for Beginners, Twitter in the Classroom, and YouTube (led by Tracey). Teachers really enjoyed having time to collaborate with other grade levels to get ideas on how to use these tools in the classroom.

Third Grade participated in a Google Hangout with NASA Astronauts and the International Space Station. Students were in awe that the microphone floated from person to person and love getting to ask questions about their everyday routines in space.

Fourth Grade participated in a Skype session with The Kansas City Zoo as part of the ZOOED project! They look forward to Skyping with Zoo Veterinarians and Dietitians in the upcoming weeks.

Kindergarten created an "Objects in the Sky" Unit with QR codes and interactive websites and games for students to learn about planets, the Moon, and Earth.

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