Ancient Egyptian Agriculture

The ancient Egyptians were able to keep such a stable food supply because they used the Nile river, because some learned how to dry crop, and because they kept order.

Once a year the nile would overflow, and that would make the soil rich and fertile. The farmers tried to keep the farms as close  to the Nile river as they could so it would be easier to irrigate their crops. Because the early Egyptians did so the Nile is now home to 25 cities and over 78 million people.

For those farms that weren’t as close to the Nile the farmers would have to learn how to dry farm. This technique is supposed to help you grow crops with less than 20 inches of water annually by keeping as much moisture in your soil as possible. Some techniques would be like plowing your crops right after harvesting them.

And the last and most important thing that the ancient Egyptians did was kept order. The ancient Egyptians had specific times when you could plant, harvest, and when you shoulding plant. The men in the village would have duty of unclogging the irrigation system.

And those are just some of the ways the ancient Egyptians kept a stable food supply.

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