Ross-Aid-Stadium,West lafayette IN

October 3, 2014

A Football Game That's Benefiting Local Charities

This Purdue Football game is a event that children/adults any age can go to.Participants that go to the game only have to pay $20 for the full game, $15 dollars of the $20 goes to local charities so many people out there aren't starving.This is located ,West of Kokomo,IN,East of Rantoul,IN,South of Crawfordsville,IN,North of  Valparaiso.

You will recieve a Purdue Football jersey and seats very close to the sideline.Purdue will be facing IU so it will be a magnificent game.After the game there will be fireworks. Remember if you are a child 16 or under you will need adult supervision

Ross Aid Stadium's absolute location is :40.4344 degrees north and 86.9183 degrees west


If you have any questions what so ever then please contact 317-555-555 thank you and have a nice day

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