What is meant by the term "Brand Image"? Brand image is a logo of some sort that represents a brand of some kind so people can recognize the brand, for example Ralph Lauren is recognised by a man on a horse.

What brand image might buisness want for the following product? A. Helments for a building Site. A man wearing a hard hat with is thumb up.

What is meant by the term "After-sales service"? After-sales service means returns or exchanges of a product sold to a customr.

State two types of after-sales service that could be given by a garage? MOT Testing and Car repairs.

Explain why a business might want to develop a brand? Brands can get famous over a period of time with the right products and advertising a brand could be big and having a famous brand means added value to products because everybody wants that nice and known brand.

Using an example , explain the term 'product range' of a businesses? product range means a various options in one class of item, for example in BMW they have series of cars like a 3 series but there are various versions of the 3 series you get a 3 series saloon or a 3 series coupe.

List two benefits to customers from competition? Brands and buisnesses will cheapen products to attract more customers and constently release new products and designes.

State three strengths and three weaknesses to a business of opening a small independent sports shop?Strengths:More convenient for customers,new releases only, less staff needed

Weaknesses:Less variety of products,limited stock,selected items and sizes

Explain why someone with experience of the coffee trade might set up a specialist store? To cater to more coffee enthusiests .

State two reasons why a business might choose to set up s shop a store near to a rival?To see who gets more business and to see who got the best deals and prices.

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