Korean Etiquette

By: Amanda Phillips

Cultural Etiquettes

1.) Don't hold bowls in your hand during the meal.

2.) If you have to cough or sneeze during a meal, turn away from the table and cover your mouth with your hand or napkin.

3.) Don't pick out what you don't like.

4.) Do not leave any food on your spoon when eating.

Foods Eaten

- Rice

-soup, stew



-kimchi (spicy cabbage)

-Korean beef


Common Ingredients and Spices

-sesame oil

-chili pepper paste

-chili pepper flakes

-soybean paste

-soy sauce




Summary of Differences

Okay, basically in Korea the etiquette is very similar to etiquette in America. When you feel like you're about to cough or sneeze, turn away and cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or napkin. Both cultures involve chewing food with your mouth closed and without making noise, not leaving the table while eating, not watching TV while eating, and not reaching over people for things you can't reach. However in Korea no food should be left on your spoon while your eating. No noise should be made with your chopsticks, like they shouldn't be heard hitting a dish or bowl while eating. Also, when using a toothpick, you must cover your mouth with one hand and discard the toothpick afterwards so people won't see it. In America no one hides a tooth pick.

Korean Religion

Korea's tradition of religion is influenced by Buddhism, Muism with a background of Korean Confucianism, and a growth of Christianity

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