Lesotho: The Kingdom of the Sky

The tiny country of Lesotho is completely surrounded by the country of South Africa. Lesotho is a land of mountains and rivers. Its major natural resource is water, often referred to as “white gold.” Since the completion of a major hydro-power facility in 1998, Lesotho has prospered from the sale of both water and electricity to South Africa. The project has also made the country self sufficient in the production of electricity and enabled the development of manufacturing industries. Lesotho is located in Africa.

The Economy

Surrounded by South Africa and having few resources, Lesotho is almost entirely dependent on South Africa for economic survival. Much of the population must seek employment there, usually spending several months a year in South African mines or industries. Agriculture remains at the subsistence level, and soil erosion threatens production. Livestock raising represents a significant part of Lesotho’s economy. Lesotho has a growing garment industry. Most of the terrain is mountainous; the fairly high elevations give Lesotho a temperate climate.

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