Move from

•From coatings to embedded
•Purely functional garments To responsive garments
Shift in design based on properties of materials to technology such as electronics, nano, Bluetooth.

As technology evolved so did the human mind in its perception of itself  and its environment. The initial motivation to overcome the calamities faced under harsh circumstances led to development
of new fibers and fabrics. However, this did not last long as technology gave the advantage of multi functionality, thereby leading to development of devices which could enable multi tasking. Yet again the cyborg movement did not last as man wanted to get in touch with his human side having been pulled by technology in an outward direction.
Then came the development of intuitive technologies which gave one the choice
to share or retreat, this being achieved, it came naturally to be responsible
for one’s environment which led to  the
development of sustainable technologies and textiles.

And the last, its influence in Olympics 2012.

The textures chosen for the each story have been inspired by
the technology relevant to that movement/ ideology. The colors have been chosen
from Promostyl forecasts for  fall/winter - 2010/11