What is a business

A business is where there is a exchange for goods or services for money.

Input: Asda uses the money they make to buy more products so that they can sell those products over and over again and make a lot of profit. They buy supplies such as food and electrical equipment and they also use part of their money to pay the employees.

Output: Asda buy their products in bulk so that they save more money and the same time receive more products.

Markets: Asda will have its own market most likely on a separate piece of land or a building. They also have a online website which provides at home shopping which processes what you ordered and delivers your products to your house.

Consumers: The people that buy the product will most likely be the consumer as they will want the product for themselves as it is a place where they sell food supplies.

Customers; They will be the ones that either buy the goods or products. They will most likely buy food as it has a good supplier or you could even buy other equipment such as electronics like T.V's and DVD players.

Suppliers: Asda gets its supplies from farms which is why they (Asda) are recommended as their supplies are fresh. They also receive electrical equipment from the company or organisation that owns that product.

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