The Magic Of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Thinking about revamping the flooring of your home? Or maybe you are constructing a new property for yourself and are looking for alternative flooring options that will add more aesthetic appeal to the place? Whatever the case maybe, I am sure you must have considered going for hard wood floors at some or the other point of time..

The reason? They just look downright amazing!

Of course there is granite and you can always go for tiles and marble and even concrete floors look really classy these days, but the old fashioned wood flooring is just so quaint and beautiful that it is hard to resist the urge to have it installed in your home. But of course there are environmental concerns to be factored in your decision here. Think how many trees will have to be cut to make the floors of your place!

What if I were to say none? Amazed?

That is the magic of reclaimed hardwood flooring..

For those who are new to the concept and feel befuddled when you visit the local flooring contractor and find a section labeled ‘Reclaimed Wood’ - here is a simple description of what this amazing is like.

Reclaimed wood, as the name suggests is wood that is being re-used. Basically there are a number of structures across the country that have hardwood installed in some or the other capacity but are not in use anymore. This wood is then torn out of the structure, treated for any defects or structural flaws and then available for use in a fresh application. In the past, when any wooden structure wasn’t needed anymore, it usually found its way to either a landfill dump or maybe a burning site, as a way of disposal. But now, this precious wood can be used again in other applications, ensuring that no new trees are harmed for getting the raw material to be used in your new home.

Let us take things further and understand the intricacies of the process.

I am sure you must be wondering where exactly is this wood sourced. Well, the reclaimed hardwood floors of your home can come from material that was once in use anywhere from an old barn to even wine barrels to water towers, bridges, homes, wharfs, docks, schools and the like. Structures that are no longer in use can yield a surprising volume of raw material in the form of reclaimed wood that can then be used elsewhere in other applications.

Then there are the quality considerations that must be haunting your mind and surely when you look at these old structures from the outside, you will be convinced that there will be nothing of use in there. But trust me, the right eye can identify a good piece of wood and there are scores of these planks and beams in old structures. For example, take a thick piece of a large oak beam that is cracked and splintered on the outside. If you treat it correctly by milling it into smaller pieces, you will discover that the inside surface of the wood looks fresh and beautiful without the wear and tear of the sun, wind and water. And this material can then be successfully used as reclaimed hardwood flooring in your new home!

Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? Visit to get it for yourself!

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