Tools of the Trade
By: Yuvia Rodriguez

*IB Design Cycle


Edmodo is a free website that could be used to communicate with other students and teachers. You could use this site by going to the link below. Edmodo has ways to answer question your teacher gives you, polls, quizzes, etc. The benefits are, but not limited to, a personalized desktop, numerous groups easy to access, and mini groups for those little class projects.


You're viewing a Tackk right now!! Tackk is a website that could be used to create quick and simple projects and compositions. You could add a special color palette to your composition and even a background like chevron print or flowers. You could add photos, media, youtube videos, a hyperlink, maps, and so much more! Click below to try out Tackk!


Remind (Formerly Remind101) Is a great (and free) way for teachers to send students and parents texts or emails regarding classwork, homework, schedule reminders, etc. You won't have an excuse to say you don't know what the homework is, if your teacher has a Remind account. All you need to do is give your teacher your email or phone number and you're set to go!


What do you use when you're an artsy, smart student who wants to get your work done, creatively and efficiently? Use! can be used to create info graphics when you're trying to convey information. is an educational sandbox based website. You could use 'Vhemes' to enhance your work and add clipart's, banners and more!



 ~Identify the problem that needs to be solved for a client or specific audience.

 ~Research and identify solutions to the problem.

  ~Develop a design brief and research existing products or solutions.

EXAMPLE: In Robotics you would need to find a solution for a certain problem. Last year it was how how improve the safety after and during a natural disaster. We had to research current solutions and research the problems there were during a natural disaster.


~Develop design specifications.

~Develop a range of easily interpretable feasible ideas.

~Present the final chosen design.

EXAMPLE: After brainstorming with your team, you choose an idea you think fits the problem, and put it into works.


~Construct a plan to create the solution.

~While making the solution, follow the chosen plan and justify changes to the product if needed.

~Present the solution in a whole or electronic form.

EXAMPLE: After choosing your preferred idea with your team, sketch out designs and write down down it could in fact contribute to the problem. At a tournament or meeting, introduce it to your coach or other people.


~Evaluate the success of the solution using the design specifications.

~Explain how the solution could be improved and the impact on your audience or selected client.

EXAMPLE: If your design was good enough to bring you up a level to regionals, yay! If your design wasn't as great as you thought it would be, evaluate the success and how you and your team could've made it work better and fit in the problem as a working solution.

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