PAWS in the Lunchroom

A guide to help Pumas know what not to do in the Lunchroom

Some Pumas are great at following PAWS in the cafeteria, but other Pumas litter all over this place like it doesn't matter. Well, Preston DOES matter and we want you to follow PAWS everywhere, even in the lunchroom. But again, some Pumas throw trash everywhere. Now I certainly can't speak for all Pumas, but I'm going to anyway. Pumas simply CANNOT litter. If everybody in Preston littered all over the lunchroom floor, the lunchroom would look like a dump. Is this what we want our school to look like?

NOOOOOOOOO! We never want our school to look like this. Please Pumas, THROW AWAY YOUR BELONGINGS! If you throw your trash away, we won't have a cafeteria like this one. It will also help the environment. I encourage ALL Pumas to throw away their trash.

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