The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jewry by Nazi Germany. The Germans wanted to kill the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and more because they though that they were a biological threat to the German

The Nazi Party takes power in Germany

Adolf Hitler became chancellor, or prime minister of Germany, The Nazis set up their first concentration camp at Dachau. (first inmates are 200 communists).  Germans burned burned every book because wanted to remove any un-German ideas from Germany.

The Night of Broken Glass

In 1938, German troops annexed Austria. On Kristallnacht, the 'Night of Broken Glass,' Nazis terrorized Jews throughout Germany and Austria-30,000 Jews are arrested.

Germany takes over Czechoslovakia and invades Poland. World War 2 begins as Britain and France declare war on Germany.

In 1940, Nazis began deporting German Jews to Poland. The Jews are forced into the ghettos. Then, Nazis begin the first mass murder of Jews in Poland. 3 years later, about 80 to 85 percent of the Jews have been murdered. Hitler takes over Hungary and begins deporting 12,000 Hungarian Jews each day to Auschwitz where they are to be murdered.

The Germany Invasion

The End of World War 2

Near the end of the war, the Germans began to frantically move the prisoners out of the camps near the front and take them to be used as forced laborers in camps inside Germany. Prisoners were first take by train and then by foot on "death marches." Hitler is defeated and World War 2 ends in Europe. The Holocaust is over and the death camps are emptied

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