Geometry in Architecture

By Corinne Landrum

State which theorem you would use to prove these triangles similar, then write a similarity statement.

If <AMJ is 45 degrees and congruent to <LMK, what is the measure of <JMK?

What is a possible length for side AC? (Write an inequality)

Name the relationship between <1 and <5.

Is the following angle acute, obtuse, or right?

Is this a possible triangle? If so, write a triangle inequality. If not, explain why.

Find x.

List the angles in order from least to greatest.

Find the measure of one interior angle.

Line B is parallel to line A.

Find the measure of all angles.


1) AA, triangle BCA is similar to triangle YZX
2) 90 degrees
3) 6<x<12
4) corresponding
5) acute
6) no; because 9 is less than 12 (5+4=9<12)
7) x=4
8) <B, <C, <A
9) 135 degrees
10) They are all 90 degrees

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