Career Research Project

Diesel Mechanic And Diesel Engineer

By: Jonathan Hannah

This is Kenworth w900. The cost of one is roughly around 162,000 brand new. The reason I got this picture is because this was one of the first types of trucks I worked on.  This is what got me so interested in being a mechanic.


The salary is 20.25 dollars per hour. With 40 hour or more work weeks.  Starting out with $20.25 per hour for 40 per week per year on average at that wage you can $42120.  Most jobs will be 60 hours per week.  That can come to an average of $63,180 per year.


You can have your high school diploma or an equivalent.  Courses in automotive repair, electronics, mathematics, and physics.  You will need an ASE license.  The ASE is Automotive Service Excellence which will come from the national institute of Automotive Service Excellence. The school where I would go to get a good education on this is UTI.

Professional Requirements

  • Welding.
  • Working with Sheet metal.
  • Safety and Regulations.
  • Knowing your way around an engine.

Role Model

My dad was the person that got me into the diesel mechanic industry.  My dad drives semis for his job. Every weekend i would go help him fix anything that was wrong with his truck.  My dad has tought me alot of things through the years.

He influenced me to go to the shop on saturday's with him to learn about diesel engines and what it takes to keep them running good. He would bribe me with money at first, but now i ask if we are going to the shop this weekend even before friday has come. Usually he doesn't know if we are going to the shop or not.

Quotation Sandwich

Diesel engines are efficient and durability of the engine.  Bureau of Labor Statics stated, "They have become most of the engines in big rigs and busses for that purpose."  Diesel engines have a lot of maintenance to go alone with their efficiency.  This can cause them to stay on the road longer. they can take a lot more mile to the engine before it is rebuilt.  Some diesel engines go up to 700,000 miles before they need rebuilt.

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