Marika Viragh

Adventure May Hurt You, But Monotony May Kill You

From the Rocky Mountains to the Himalayan foothills, my experiences over the past year can be capsulated in the word "adventure." Upon graduation from Colorado College, and a quick stint in Washington, D.C., where I was able to navigate and thrive in the agency world, I spent half the year in India, working and living. From working on community development initiatives on the Ganges River to leading the launch of a non-profit clean water initiative with WaterHealth International, I met challenges head on and gracefully moved forward, always learning along the way.

Serving as the captain of the NCAA Division 1 Women's Soccer team at Colorado College allowed me to develop my leadership abilities and understand what it takes to manage goals and deliver results. My passion for community, health, and empowerment was met through my work with Soccer Without Borders, where I traveled to Nicaragua to assist the efforts of the organization.


Through these adventures; where questions are answered that you might not have thought to ask and you see a horizon, figuratively or literally that you may have never seen before and you experience moments of magic. This magic is held together by connection; to yourself, to a place, to others. Sharing allows you to relieve that magic; to experience that horizon that is always available to us but that we might not always see and to embrace possibility.

Onwards and upwards!

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