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Online Examination Software

As a leading school in your area, your school must have a USP: concerned parents entrust their children to you. One of the prominent reasons for such faith is that they realize you provide not only their child's education, but also aid in his intellectual growth: a key factor in determining any child's future. In other words, parents entrust you with their child's future! Don't you need to help a child realize his potential to the best of his abilities?

Take your school online and be ahead by using fast, reliable technology to create/conduct exams and easily evaluate students. Our Examination Online software enables you to: Empower teachers by permitting them to easily give personal attention to each student Assist schools in properly identifying and nurturing their talent pool. And most importantly... Let teachers teach, while our custom-made software creates and conducts regular tests, then provides instant reports for overall student assessment. Let's face it - in most schools, teachers spend 60% of their time doing clerical work such as typing and printing test questions, grading each test, then manually entering results. The most critical of their duties - teaching - usually takes a back seat. Examination Online attempts to bridge this gap between the teacher and her holy grail: with a single mouse click, a teacher can generate a unique test for each student and find out exactly which student needs further attention in what area.

Make your school the first one to stop the Reverse Drain of students flooding to tutoring institutions: enable them to remain in school!

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