Walt Disney

Walt Disney was a cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer, who created many famous characters who still live today.

Early life

Walt disney born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. in 1906 his family moved to a Missouri farm where he first learned how to draw.During this time he fell in love with movies as well. In 1917 his family moved in Chicago. Where walt created cartoons for his high school yearbook, he also took classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. Later he joined the American Ambulance. Corps and arrived in France as World War 1 ended. He settled in Kansas City and began working at a art studio in 1920, while keeping his day job he began making 'Laugh-o-gram' ad animators shorts with artist.


Walt had four brothers and sisters. His parent where named Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney. Walt married Lillian Disney and they had two children, Diane Disney , and Sharon May Miller.

Career & Legacy

After failure with Ub Iwerks a cartooning studio, Walt moved to Hollywood California in 1923 with his older brother Roy. Roy and Walt began to create their own cartoons. Roy began working on "Oswald Rabbit", for Universal Studios. A contract dispute led to the Disney Brothers leaving Universal Studios, soon after they began making their own cartoons. The brother making their own cartoons led to the first all sound cartoon called "Steamboat Willie" , and "Mortimer Mouse" who is now known as today "Micky Mouse". These characters led to other characters known today like Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse. On July 18th 1957, Walt opened up a theme park in Anaheim California. "Disney World" became the most successful amusement park in history.

Walt Disney's Orignal Cartoons: Steam Boat Willie & Micky Mouse.

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