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Dear Ms.Sara,

I am reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling and I am in the chapter 15 that is called The Goblet of Fire.It is about Dumbledore was talking to all the school about the 3 champions,later it went in the profesor Alastor Moody and the group of Victor Krum and the theam of Fleur Delacour.Later Dumbledore said that the people that want to participate in this championship need to be older then 16 years.Then they were putting the names in the Goblet of Fire later Victor Krum put the name with Cedric Digory an Fleur Delacour,then they appeard the brothers of Ronald Wesley but they put it and they do old.My prediction is that Krum and Cedric will be choose to get in the championship.

Love Gabriel

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