Judy Moody Goes To College
By:Megan McDonald


  A substitute teacher thinks Judy's math skills need to get better. So,she has to get a tutor. "Does this mean more homework?" Judy thinks, but when she meets her tutor,a college student who has a funky style,she gets really excited! Say goodbye to boring old 3rd grader Judy Moody and say hello to Ms.College!


Judy Moody

 Judy Moody is a girl who is always in a different mood and never wants to brush her hair. She also wants to be a doctor when she grows ups and collects band-aids and many more things.

Stink Moody

 Stink Moody is Judy's very annoying brother. He teases her like crazy since Judy has to get a tutor.

Judy's Friends

 From left to right (Stink not really,myself,Rocky,Frank,Jessica not really my friend either,and finally the other girl is not in my book.)

My Favorite Part

 My favorite part in the book is when she meets her tutor and they play my favorite board game, LIFE!!!!

I Love This Book Because.......

It is very funny and probably everyone can relate to it!

What Happens Next????????

 Read the book to find out what happens next!


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