Spanish Is Everywhere

The Conquistadors were an important spanish speaking group in history. They helped to found the nations as they are today due to war over lands and battles with other territories.

3 famous spanish speaking people

Jessica Alba - American actress, model, and businesswoman.

Penélope Cruz- Spanish actress and model

Jennifer Lopez- actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, singer, and songwriter

SPANISH Organization

5800 Faringdon Place, Raleigh, NC 27609

Spanish Foods

Platano de Canarias - Canary Banana

Spanish stamp

Velez Blanco, Almeria, Spain

2 US state names of spanish origin

Colorado means color red in spanish. It is said to be names this because of the rock formations in the colorado river that gave it a reddish appearance.

Montana means mountains in spanish, obviously because it is a very mountainous area.

Spanish coin

The Moors -Andalusia, Spain

Spanish product

Spanish candy commonly found in homes.

Spanish restaurant

Sauza's Sells spanish food

An important spanish speaking group of people that had a lot of cultural importance were the conquistadors. They fought battles against France and Britain for territory and lands that later helped to shape the different culture of every country.