5 Photo Story

Story By Courtney Dietzenbach

One early morning, I decided to go for a walk. I don't normally go for walks but for some reason today felt like a good day. It was early as I said and also a bit chilly. The sunrise as beautiful as always.

My walk was pretty scenic. I went by this tower and it dinged the time. It was 7am. I continued on my way pondering stuff going on in my life whether it be stress of homework, or work, etc.

I always think on things.  I wonder what life would have been like if i changed my decisions. Would I still be where I am at or would I be somewhere better, somewhere worse. You never know. When you think your life sucks its always good to think that it could be a lot worse. you could be dead or in jail, or who knows.

I took a minute to finish watching into the sky as the sun rose. I sat on a fence, not thinking of anything. Just watching.

After the sun rose, it started to warm up a bit. It was still pretty chilly but I decided it was time to head back home.

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