"Thousands protest Washington Redskins team name at Minnesota game"


1. This article is about how some Viking fans talking about Snyder's refusal.There were some natives mocking the name as "rethink" or "rename".Then a former Viking player Joey browner thinks the name is a "bullying tactic".

2."As a former player, I feel really sad right now. ... This is still standing in front of us," by Joey browner.this line is interesting to me because a former player talking about the name makes it hard to believe how the name is stronger. Offensive that the name is getting to the other football teams.

3.This article is connected to the one we read yesterday by how other natives and players are offended by he name red skin and wanting to change it so bad.And how they are gonna still protest the name till it changes.

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3 years ago

Good job, Jack!