Gym Candy
Terrell Young

Gym Candy
Terrell Young

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

At the very beging of the book it is the main character, Mick and his father playing football in the back yard. It is a flashback from when he was 4 years old.  He was saying that his dad was so hard on him that he would tear up. Then he would say that football players DONT cry! He was only four years old when he said this to his son. He is very very hard on him, but it should pay off in the future. I wonder if it will, I wonder if he will take advantage of the oppurtunity that he has. He has an all-star father, that will guide him to success, if he choses to

March 25, 2015
Tough Questions

As he was flashing back to his kindergarden year he was wondering why he was always older. He kept asking the tough question of why he was held back if it was not for being dumb. He was held back before kindergarden for one year. Not because he was dumb, or because he wasn't mentally ready. He was held back for sports. He didn't understand what his dad meant "You will have the edge later on". I know what it is for because my dad wanted to do it for me but he didn't. I wonder if he knows yet, whether or not he will be mad or happy?

March 26, 2015
Contrast and Contridictions

As I was reading I noticed that his parents both went to the same college, both are athletic, but his mom doesn't take football as seriously as his father. She doesn't really care if Mick plays or not really. Just as long as he is safe she is happy. His dd on the other hand played pro ball and takes it really serious and expects his son to do the same. His dad wants him to make the headlines like he did but his mom tells him just to do him and not worry about his dad.

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