Banning Junk Food

Diego Guereca

    Junk food and sodas should be banned from schools because it makes kids obese and it is unhealthy to eat as a kid.                                                                                                                       Many people in the world are obese because of eating to much. For example, United states is filled with many fat people because they eat a lot of food and most of it is junk food and drinking soda which is what makes people how they are. If we start eating junk food as a kid then by the time we grow up we are going to be used to eating it and we are going to be obese. In detail, if we ban junk  food now we wont have to worry about people getting obese in the future. It is important to stop eating junk food and drinking soda so we don't get overweight.                                                                                                                             If we eat unhealthy food we could have problems with our body and we can get diabetes. For example, if we eat healthy their is less possibilities of getting hearth disease. In detail we could save our own lives by eating healthy so if you can just eat less junk food it will be better. Every parent would like there kid to eat healthy this is why we give them vegetables and we will try to avoid junk food.                                                                                     If we ban junk food and soda machines we will help the future kids by eating healthy and being less obese.