Manawatu Gorge

By Briar Fraser

On the 19 of November Room 13 Went on a trip to the Manawatu gorge . We left in the morning at 8:15 and arrived at 10:15, with the wind blowing the icy cold air at a strong rate. We began our trek around 10:30 slowly progressing up a steep hill.

The first half hour it was all up hill and I think most people found it quite tiring We walked on to find a small opining that overlooked the Manawatu river.

We past a lot of plants native to New Zealand and came along a lot of clearings were we could see some beautiful cenery.

The manawatu trak from one end to the other is 10k and takes about 3 hours to get through and provides a lookout over  the massiv slip.

Nikau Palm

There were many of the Nikau Palm as we were trekking through the gorge. Nikau Palm is the only Palm native to NZ  and only grows to around 10-15 meters high.


Whatonga was a chif that traveled around the North Island and built a home for his family Near katekidnappers in Hawksbay. Eventuly Whatonga sailed up the west coast of the lower North Island Entering the mouth of the manawatu river. He carried on up stream were he found many food resource. The art work stands 6.2 m High 1.5m across and 1.2m deep can withstand all elements as it is made from steel.

We carried on Down to were the big slip was. This was a clearing that had been made so people could make there way down to a clearing on the slip and look over to see were It had all fallen down the cliff side.

We looked over the railing to see the massive slip. The slip covered state highway 3 and bring down around 20,00 cubic meters of debris on the 17 of October 2011 it closed down the gorge for a year.

Wind Turbines

So continuing the walk we made it to the Manawatu wind farm. standing there with these giant wind mills over towering us was quite a site. The farm has 55 wind mills each stand at 70 meters high and has 3 blades each 35 meters. The making of the wind farm begin in 2003. The wind far begin generating electricity in August 2004 and was officially opened on the 9th of December 2004.

We finally came to the end of this beautiful, tiring, wet, cold  3 hour walk with sore feet and we were all ready to go home with a stop at McDonalds along the way.

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Good work :) I can see you put a lot of thought into it