Much Ado About Nothing: Claudio

By Mason Fitzgerald

Claudio is in love for most of the play.

My name is Claudio. I am a soldier under my prince, Don Pedro. I have just arrived in Messina after a long, well-fought battle. I noticed the most beautiful young woman I have ever laid eyes on. Her name is Hero and she is the daughter of Leonato. While I am noticing this remarkable lady, I also notice the hate that Beatrice and Benedick still show for each other. Surely there has to be some sort of reasoning behind this hatred, a love connection maybe. In other news, my prince Don Pedro has pretended to be me at the party and woo Hero for me so that I may marry her, but his brother Don John had just informed me that he just wants her for himself. I don't know if I should trust him or not. Don Pedro and I have just tricked Benedick into thinking that Beatrice is in love with him. Ursula and Hero have done the same thing with Beatrice. Hopefully these two realize their love for each other and stop denying it already. Hero and I will wed tomorrow, but before this here comes Don John rambling on again about my precious Hero. He tells me that she is cheating on me and that I should come to her window at midnight to witness these events. At midnight, I went to her window and I saw that he is telling the truth. Tomorrow at the wedding I will ruin Hero and call her out in front of everyone. After I have done this, I found out that this was all a lie and that Hero is innocent. I also found out that she is now dead out of these false accusations and Don John has fled Messina. I feel so bad and would do anything to make it up to her. I will even marry Antonio's daughter. Later on, I prepare to marry Antonio's niece, but when she is unmasked it was the lovely Hero. My face was filled with excitement. Beatrice and Benedick have also decided to marry and Don John has been caught. It is a happy ending for everyone.

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